Send SMS to customers and allow them to request a callback

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It’s far more efficient to send SMS blast to customers and allow them to request a callback. Have you tried Amazon Pinpoint yet?

This is a whole lot easier if you use a healthcare CRM and an automated communication solution like ours.

As an example, for appointment reminders, instead of calling patients one-by-one and reminding them, it is always easier to either send a personalized SMS blast or a personalized voice recording.

Sometimes, patients want an option to reschedule their appointment.

Usually, they call the main number, wait on hold, connect with an agent and reschedule the appointment.

I believe that this is not the most ideal customer experience.

In addition to this, it also eats up your calling minutes while the customer is on hold, thereby increasing your expenses.

Instead, I send SMS blasts to patients and ask them to text a keyword (e.g. “CALL”) to get a callback from us. In this text message blast, they can also write back with “CONFIRM”, “CANCEL” etc.

This immediately triggers a call to the patient to let them know that we received their SMS.

In this voice recording we also let them know that one of our agents will call them back as soon as they are done with the current call.

If the agent is currently on another call, they receive this customer’s number in their callback queue. 

Here’s how you get this done. 

  1. Add a keyword to amazon pinpoint to listen for customer intent (CALL)
  2. Send personalized SMS blast to customers using Amazon Pinpoint
  3. Set up an SNS subscription and an SQS queue
  4. Add a callback queue and callback contact flow to your amazon connect instance
  5. Trigger a lambda function to call the customer automatically
  6. Put them all together for optimal customer experience and access