Send SMS from Amazon Connect

If you are not communicating with your customers via text, WhatsApp, iMessage or website chat, you are missing out. Learn how to do this.

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I use Amazon Web Services for all my work, so I am discussing only AWS steps here.

I am sure you can do the same with other software as well.

Keep in mind that Amazon Connect is not going to let you send SMS / text messages from the same phone number that you purchased on Amazon Connect.

For this, you need to purchase a number from Amazon Pinpoint or Amazon Chime. 

Important – Amazon Chime does not receive SMS sent from other VOIP providers.

Having 2 way conversations with patients / customers in Amazon Connect

If you purchase a number from Amazon Chime, you still are “sort of” using it for customer engagement purposes and not quite as a “desk phone” or “my phone number” purposes. 

If you truly are thinking about this as “my phone number” and “I want to send text messages myself”, then I suggest that you simply use Amazon Chime to send text messages instead.

You don’t have a web interface out of the box (CCP2) that allows you to do this.

Amazon Connect’s CCP2 allows you to chat (web chat) and dial (phone).

However, the great thing about Amazon’s CCP is that it is very customizable.

So, you can very easily extend the CCP to include more tabs. 

To be able to send SMS from Amazon Connect you can do the following

  1. Use Amazon Pinpoint to purchase a phone number
  2. Extend Amazon Connect CCP2 to include a web interface to send/receive SMS
  3. Create a Lambda function to be able to send SMS using Amazon Pinpoint on demand. 
  4. Expose this Lambda function via API gateway to your CCP2 tab.
  5. Use javascript code to send SMS from that customized tab of Amazon CCP2 by calling the API Gateway.
  6. You probably would want to enable 2 way SMS on that number and that’s what you should do on Amazon Pinpoint as well.
  7. When you do that, you would choose an AWS SNS topic that the incoming SMS would be published on. Choose or create the SNS topic where the incoming SMS would go to.  
  8. Decide how you are going to get the latest messages you receive from SNS that are sent to you from various message senders (you have multiple choices of subscriptions in Amazon SNS – HTTP, SMS, Amazon SQS, Lambda etc).