Send SMS from Amazon Connect IVR automatically

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Since you have already had 2 way conversations with patients using Amazon Connect CCP (in the example above), this one is a lot easier.

Many times, in hospital call center IVRs, you are given an option to “send an SMS / text message” or “Text me an appointment form” or “Sorry for the delay, we will call you right back” etc.

This moves the conversation from a “single tasking phone call” mode to “multi tasking” chat mode.

Multitasking is a lot easier for agents to do.

Chat is also a lot cheaper.

Text messaging is also a lot cheaper than voice calls.

Overall, the more you can guide folks over from voice calls to chat, the easier it is to scale your hospital’s call center.

Sending SMS to customers is a whole lot easier if you use a healthcare CRM and an automated communication solution like ours.

If you want to go it alone, here’s how to send SMS to customers from Amazon Connect Contact Center.

You can use Amazon Connect Contact Center along with a few other services of AWS to create a pretty advanced, intelligent contact center. 

Here are the few steps you need to follow:

  1. You will set up a number where your customers can text you. As usual, you will use Amazon Pinpoint to register your text enabled phone number.
  2. You will set up automated help text messages for your customers / patients. This is super easy to do in Amazon Pinpoint console itself.
  3. You are going to need to set up a “Default Help Message” e.g. “Text APPT for appointments, BILL for billing questions, MEDS for pharmacy help. For anything else, call us at 1-888-5xx-9242.” . And also the “Default STOP message”. E.g. “Thank you. We won’t send you text messages any further”.
  4. Set up the keywords you want as well. E.g. you can set up keywords that callers text you – APPT, BILL, MEDS etc. So now, if your customers text you, they will get automated responses for keywords they type.
  5. Change your IVR and introduce your new SMS number to callers on the IVR itself. This will let your customers know that they can now text you at this number.
  6. Create a Lambda function to send an SMS using. Plain and simple – copy the code from AWS blog. Then, add your pinpoint project ID here. SenderID won’t always work as expected unless you have registered your pinpoint number with a CNAM database.
  7. Invoke the Lambda function in your contact flow 
  8. Create an SNS subscription to get SMS that customers sent. You can choose Email since that’s the easiest one (keep in mind that AWS is going to send you some JSON so it is kind of hard to read). You will have to add your email address here. Then, AWS will send you a confirmation request to that email address. Go ahead and confirm that subscription and you are off to the races. OR, as you have already set up 2 way conversations with patients in the example above, you can simply continue using that solution as well. After that, every time a customer sends an SMS, you will get an email or an SMS.