Reduce customer service costs with self service IVR

Here’s how you can reduce customer service costs with self service IVR. It doesn’t save you on telephony costs (cheaper) but saves you a LOT more on human (agents) costs.

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Inbound call centers can provide self service options in their IVR itself (including visual IVR)

This allows patients to never even have to speak to an agent to get their queries answered.

Of course, you always have the option of allowing callbacks, moving callers from voice to web chat, or moving callers from voice to WhatsApp. You can also allow text messaging chat as well.

Not only does this reduce the inbound call volume, but this improves patient satisfaction and patient experience tremendously.

I am going to discuss Amazon Connect software here.

Amazon Connect Contact Center allows you to connect to your EMR and practice management software in a HIPAA secure environment via many services, including Amazon Lambda.

Most EMRs (if not all) provide API connectivity to patients, providers, appointments, transactions, charges etc.

They provide secure access with OAuth.

You can access all these via Amazon Lambda.

Meanwhile, you can provide interactive services to your IVR via Amazon Lex.

So, these services put together with your IVR, you allow full self service in your IVR and wow your patients.

You will find an example on Amazon Connect website Add an Amazon Lex bot – Amazon Connect that shows you how to create a first “press or say” sample.

In this, you will find a sample of “hardcoded” account lookup.

Take a look at this one in addition as well Schedule Appointment – Amazon Lex.

Combining the knowledge of these two, gives you an idea of wha you truly can achieve with Amazon Lex, Amazon Lambda and Amazon Connect to service your patients or customers.

Effectively, here’s what you are going to do:

  1. Create an Amazon Lex bot and create as many intents as you like – e.g. Create Appointment, Lookup Appointment, Reschedule Appointment, Cancel Appointment, Get Directions, Change Insurances, Change Address etc etc.. 
  2. Tie in those intents to use the Lambda function as a code hook for the validation and fulfillment activities against your EMR or CRM or whatever it is that you want. Again, remember that you can and will be doing this HIPAA securely.
  3. Once this works well, tie in the Amazon Lex Bot with your Amazon Connect IVR itself. Update your Contact flow to invoke the Amazon Lex bot and let customers self service themselves.
  4. Update the contact flow so that if the patient / caller cannot find a resolution to their call, they can get in touch with a customer service agent. This is the crucial part where you should be forwarding the ENTIRE context and history of the caller / patient’s session to the agent along with all the data (2 way) that has been shared with the caller. This way the caller does not have to repeat themselves and the agent provides the caller with a seamless experience.

That’s how you provide the best patient experience possible.