Predict caller intent, increase call center productivity

When a patient calls in, you can also deduce the intent of the patient’s call. Here’s how to predict caller intent and increase call center productivity.

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When a patient calls into your callcenter, you can also deduce the intent of the patient’s call.

Usually patients with existing appointments call to either find out more about their appointment or to make changes to their appointments.

When the patient calls, your IVR system that’s running on Amazon Connect can very easily look up the patient that’s calling.

Not only can it identify the patient that’s calling, it can also identify more information about the patient / caller.

Based on the caller’s upcoming appointments, we can determine the intent of the caller and offer them options to confirm their appointment, learn about their appointment, reschedule their appointment etc or speak to an agent to cancel their appointment. 

What’s more?

We can also check the status of their patient intake (how much they have completed) and have them finish the rest of patient intake.

We could offer them incentives, or wish them holiday greetings.. there are no limits to what you can achieve in personalizing your patient’s experience.

Think about it.

If your IVR is already predicting what the caller might be calling about and offering solutions to the caller / patient, it’s reducing the time the caller spends on choosing various options in your IVR, thereby reducing the minutes you pay for .. more you save.

And better customer service/ patient experience!