How to monitor call quality of your call center software

Here’s how you can manage the call quality of amazon connect itself (not call quality of agents)

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Most call centers “hide” call quality metrics of each agent from their own agents and this information is made available only to the QA folks.

However, I feel that each agent should have this should be made available to each agent.

Sometimes few agents have call quality issues while others don’t – they will be able to see which agents are having issues.

We feel that a lot of “help!” issues of agents raised to call center managers and IT managers can be addressed by having this “call quality” page available to agents themselves.

When an administrator (aka call center manager) sees this same thing, they can choose a particular agent from the dropdown and see the same thing (Because they themselves make very few calls).

As we all know, call quality has a significant impact on the customer experience.

With COVID, we all have had to move our call center agents to work from home and a lot of us have experienced calls of varied quality.

Follow this blog to learn how to enable call quality – Easily monitor call quality with Amazon Connect.

Basically, the entire solution is available to be deployed right off the bat here

It is deployed on Amazon Elasticsearch and Kibana. If you’d like, you can also modify the solution to use Amazon Quicksight and use its Anomaly detection features – out of the box, this solution provides anomaly detection provided by Kibana.