Handle call spikes by moving agents between queues

Handle call center incoming call spikes by moving agents between queues. Here’s how you do it in Amazon Connect

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As hospital call center managers you have to juggle call queues all the time.

You have daily SLAs to meet and sometimes call spikes threaten our perfect SLA scores.

What to do? 

Well, your callcenter software (I use Amazon Connect) allows you to handle this situation quite easily.

In general, the way Amazon connect works is that we create our agents as users and associate them with routing profiles.

In these routing profiles, we associate queues.

Once they see queue wait times approaching levels close to or exceeding agreed upon SLAs, they can immediately look at the load of the other queues in their call center and move some agents from one or more of the queues to the overburdened queue(s).

For this, all you have to do is to update the routing profile of the agent(s) by calling this api AssociateRoutingProfileQueues – Amazon Connect Service with the queue you want to beef up.

That’s all there is to it.

In EzHCRM, the way we handle this is that our call center manager gets an alert based on the queue wait times.

Once the call spike has died down and the crisis is averted, you can remove this temporary association of the agent by calling the DisassociateRoutingProfileQueues – Amazon Connect Service API  and put them back to their original queue assignment.

You could even look at this example for inspiration Managing queues with a new API in Amazon Connect | Amazon Web Services