Callcenter Wallboard

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Call center managers need to be able to add any of these small widgets to their dashboard so they can pick and choose what they want to see and when.

Call center managers should be able to save their views as well.

This way, if they create a custom dashboard, they can visit it anytime they want.

All the data we want is already there and is presented by Amazon Connect in Amazon Connect’s own reports as well.

Their reports are tabular and a bit harder to understand/digest.

Our call center teams seek visual reports and simplicity – hence this initiative.

Amazon Connect Wallboard (real time)

The most important thing for call center managers is a wallboard – both on mobile and desktop.

The wallboard shows us a snapshot of how our call center is performing.

Incoming number widget

The business has multiple phone numbers that patients call.

This shows the calls received per such phone number. E.g. The agents have their own phone numbers (DIDs), plus the business has additional numbers for each location.

Agent Status widget

This shows the status of agents in real time.

This is a pie chart with the following data: Incoming, On contact, ACW (after call work), Missed.

Queue Status widget

This shows the status of all our queues in real time.

There are multiple queues and we will know on which queues how many agents are Online, how many are On contact (talking to callers), how many agents are in NPT (non productive state), how many agents are in ACW(after call work), how many queues have errors, how many queues are Available and how many queues are Staffed.

Contacts On Hold / In Queue widget 

This shows the status of callers (contacts) that are in queue in real time. These contacts could be in any queue. This is a bar chart with Queue name, contacts in queue. 

Queued callbacks widget

This tells us all the callbacks across queues that are waiting for an agent to be freed up. 

Calls handled widget

This tells us all the top agents (maybe 5?) that have handled the maximum number of calls today.

Oldest contact widget

This tells us the contact that has been in the queue for the longest time (in real time). This also compares this against the longest a caller had to wait today.

Calls Received, Answered and Abandoned widget

This tells us the total calls received so far, answered so far and abandoned so far today

Calls AHT (average handling time) widget

This tells us the average handling time across all agents for today’s calls. This widget also shows us the longest call and the shortest call time.

SLA today widget

This is a pie chart that breaks down the service levels (SL) into SL 60 secs, SL 15 secs, SL 20 secs, SL 25 secs, SL 30 secs, SL 45 secs, SL 90 secs, SL 120 secs, SL 180 secs, SL 240 secs, SL 300 secs, SL 600 secs.

Call Types Widgets

This tells us the kind of calls we have gotten / made all day. E.g. How many billing related calls, how many pharmacy related calls, how many appointment related calls etc.

For each call type, it tells us the received / made (inbound vs outbound), answered / connected to (inbound vs outbound).

This is driven by the Contact Lens rules set up. Automatically categorize contacts based on uttered keywords and phrases – Amazon Connect

Call Issue Widget

This is driven by using About issue/call driver detection in Contact Lens – Amazon Connect. This shows us the issues that callers are calling about (grouped issues).  

Call volumes widget

This tells us (until now) how many calls we received per 15, 30, 60 mins for inbound calls. This tells us the same for outbound calls as well.

Call sentiment widget

This tells us (until now) the average sentiment score for all calls. This tells us the same for outbound calls as well. The widget shows average and highest, lowest scores. This uses Contact Lens entirely (eg even About loudness scores in Contact Lens – Amazon Connect )