Amazon QuickSight For Business Intelligence

Amazon QuickSight helps you gain deeper insights into your business without any software or hardware headaches. It runs in the cloud and charges you only for usage. This is the world’s first usage based business intelligence solution. What’s more? Amazon Quicksight allows advanced insights for all users that leverages machine learning as well

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Business intelligence - EZHCRM Team
Business intelligence - EZHCRM Team

COVID didn’t reduce the need for business intelligence. COVID just made sure that only data driven organizations come out of this epidemic stronger than their competitors.

As they say, you cannot change things you do not measure.

Data is just that – data. It does nothing if you have to wrangle it to understand it. Your data should provide you with actionable business intelligence.

With advancements in machine learning your data should show you anomalies in your past data. On top of this, your data should also help you with forecasting. After all, your “data” has all the… “data”, right?

Well.. that’s precisely what Amazon QuickSight does for you.

Dirt cheap. You pay for ONLY what you use. That’s world’s first. Amazon has changed the game..


Amazon Quicksight uses machine learning to help you uncover hidden insights and trends in your data, identify key drivers, and forecast business metrics. It can even present these insights in natural language form that can be embedded in dashboards for you and your users.

Natural language form – in other words, no more of the geek speak that us business folks usually had to put up with in the past. None of that BS.

Make business decisions like the industry giants.

Every day you make decisions for your company based on data. For most businesses, this means stitching information together from spreadsheets, some databases, data from other programs etc. 

Yes, we know – an arduous process. On top of this, every time you want to ask your data another question, you have to go back to IT and wait in line.. While business keeps moving at warp speed and competitors encroach your customer base.

Amazon Quicksight changes all that.

No longer do you have to have a dedicated IT team, dedicated hardware, install software or anything of that sort. On top of this, for advanced users, Quicksight can automatically make reliable forecasts, automatically identify outliers in the business data and find hidden trends in your business data.

What is this Amazon Quicksight?

First and foremost, Quicksight is a business intelligence tool that gives decision-makers in your company (you) the ability to explore and interpret data visually. It lets you ask questions to your data – without having to know all the questions beforehand. You can do so from your phone, tablet, computer – whenever, wherever.

Amazon QuickSight connects to your data in the cloud and combines data from many different sources. So, you can see data from various sources in a single data dashboard to make GOOD business decisions.

No software or hardware or app to install. No security headaches to manage. Whether you have 2 users or 2000.. Amazon Quicksight will handle them all, seamlessly, for you.

What do I use Amazon Quicksight for?

Every day, you have to make business decisions. You can only make correct decisions when you have the right information, on demand.

With Amazon Quicksight, there are no upfront costs for licenses. Plus the low total cost of ownership (TCO) is also lower than any product in the market. You can collaborate with your business team on analytics with no need to install an application. 

Amazon Quicksight will help you combine a variety of data into one analysis – e.g. data from your CRM, from your EMR, from your billing system, from your marketing spreadsheets etc. Amazon Quicksight will give you access to your own AWS data and on-premises data in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. If you want to add public information to your insights (e.g. compare your specific business against data available in or public health datasets) Quicksight can help you do that as well.

Amazon Quicksight can also connect to your contact center call records. It truly is AMAZING – what you can do and achieve with Amazon Quicksight.

Amazon will also refresh your data regularly as well, so your business insights are always up to date and as “real time” as you allow it to be.

Your business folks can even publish and share their analysis as a dashboard with anyone across the organization – with appropriate permissions.

You can use Amazon Quicksight to automatically get customizable data insights. These are usually powered by Amazon’s machine learning (ML). 

The best part? You don’t need to hire data scientists nor need to know data science.

Automatically make reliable forecasts using Amazon quicksight as that’s one of the most powerful features of Quicksight. We, business users, always have to deal with outliers in our data. Amazon Quicksight will automatically identify outliers for you.

You don’t know all the questions you want to ask your data. You don’t always know the trends that your data might be showing. Amazon QuickSight’s machine learning will identify hidden trends for you.

How do I use the Amazon Quicksight machine learning stuff ?

You need the Amazon QuickSight Enterprise edition for this. Don’t worry – even that is not very expensive either. 

Typically, most business analytics tools give you the ability to do descriptive and diagnostic analysis. Amazon QuickSight, powered by its Machine learning, lets you be a forecasting and decision-making mode.. Prescriptive analytics.

Your team has likely built visualizations that answer questions about what happened, when, where.Based on that, your team probably gave you the ability to drill down for investigation and identification of patterns. 

The great thing with Machine Learning insights of Amazon Quicksight, you can avoid spending hours manually analyzing and investigating. 

QuickSight gives you “Autonarratives”. These are things Quicksight ML algorithms understood about your data. QuickSight will present these as a list of customized context-sensitive narratives (“autonarratives”) and add them to your analysis. 

You can even choose to view forecasts, anomalies, and factors contributing to these. All of this in “Plain English” and not some BA or IT geek lingo. As you use QuickSight more and more, the machine learning algorithms learn more and more. The more it learns, the better and more pertinent its insights are. So, you get to spend time on what the data means. This way, you can decide what to do with the information it provides.

What happens to our current Tableau investment?

We will help you migrate your current Tableau reports into Amazon QuickSight. Since Amazon QuickSight has you pay for “per session”, your total cost of ownership is much lower. There are no up front costs.. And if you don’t have as many business users as you anticipated, you don’t pay anything.. Since there are no “sessions” in use.

That’s the beauty and strength of Amazon QuickSight.

How about sensitive information? Are they stored in the cloud?

If you are a healthcare customer, Amazon QuickSight is HIPAA eligible so you can rest easy. Third-party auditors assess the security and compliance of Amazon QuickSight as part of multiple AWS compliance programs. These include FedRamp, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC, and ISO (9001, 27001, 27018, and 27019). Read more on AWS website.

Can Amazon QuickSight connect to my CRM?

Of course! That’s one of the amazing things about Amazon Pinpoint. Once you start using Amazon Pinpoint – you can connect it to your CRM, your EMR, your help desk ticketing system.. Anything you want. Just ask us.