Amazon Honeycode For Business Process Management

Amazon Honeycode lets your staff be more productive. We all live on spreadsheets, do some levels of project management, have operational checklists/tasks, timesheets, approvals etc. Honeycode takes all those messy spreadsheets and lets you create mobile and web apps without IT departments.

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Telmedicine profitability - NIsos Health
Telmedicine profitability - NIsos Health

Amazon Honeycode will help your business manage its workflows, tasks, reminders, checklists (i.e. business processes) without any software or hardware headaches. You no longer have to hear “Oh, I wasn’t at my desk” anymore. Honeycode lets you take those paper based or spreadsheet and calendar based tasks of yours – into simple, beautiful websites and mobile apps. All this, without IT involvement. It runs in the cloud and charges you only for the amount of data you have in your workbooks / project folders.

As COVID takes its toll on our teams,  budgets – Honeycode lets us do more with less.. By simply managing our team’s work better.

Amazon Honeycode example

How can Honeycode help your team work smarter?

Think about your daily life at work. You and your teams work on various business tasks. You all collaborate and get things done. Each depends on the other’s updates. You depend on everyone updating their tasks on time so the next person can move on to theirs. Typically this is a mess with spreadsheets, phone calls, emails, text messages – just to herd all the kittens.

Manage programs or projects with Honeycode – that alone saves us so much time and money in our organization.

Of course, there are custom web or mobile application solutions you can have built. Or maybe you are using a paid/free project management solution. A custom built solution is super expensive, requires 1000s of lines of code and has to be maintained by IT geeks.

Ultimately, if you think about it – even this custom built web/mobile application is just a bunch of tables (spreadsheets) with certain data defined together in a specific way. You and your team take action on this data and that’s your source of truth.

With Amazon Honeycode, you do not have to include an IT team to get this done. You have spreadsheets, right? With just a little bit of data modeling you can solve this problem for one or more apps that use the same data.

Take simple customer relationship management as an example. You have customers (or patients) that your team touches base with, on a regular basis. Your team members are assigned a set of data and they each reach out to the customer daily, update the data daily. You do this on spreadsheets now. You know very well that this process is messy. Amazon Honeycode can handle this for you with ease.

Manage inventory or assets – think of the supplies in your offices. You have regular office supplies to manage on a daily basis. If you are in healthcare and manage an office, you also have medical supplies that you have to manage on a daily basis. When supplies run low, you have to place an order to replenish them. Each one of your staff uses the supplies daily and is supposed to update your spreadsheet each day so you can do better inventory management. But your staff doesn’t get to the “computer” to update it… do they? With Amazon Honeycode, you can solve this problem. No more “I didn’t get to the computer” answers.

All of these examples above have things or people that need to be updated when some event occurs or when someone updates their data. 

Amazon Honeycode has automations built in to help you with that. It can send emails, send notifications when Date & time has reached, a row was added or deleted, a spreadsheet column changed or even when a spreadsheet cell changes.

That’s the power of Amazon Honeycode

These are just a few examples of what Honeycode can do to ease your daily workflow management.

How about sensitive information? Are they stored in the cloud?

As of writing, Honeycode is not HIPAA eligible. It might be HIPAA eligible soon, but right now it is not. So, you cannot store protected health information (PHI) in Honeycode.