How to move your customer service reps to a cloud contact center

Take these few simple steps to move your customer service reps to Amazon Connect Contact Center (in the cloud). Very simple.

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Amazon Connect Contact Center is a pretty amazing product to begin with. As is typical with Amazon you get reliability, robustness and the cloud’s scalability as soon as you sign up.

All your front desk / receptionist / call center agents need are:

  1. A computer
  2. Good internet connectivity
  3. A headset

That’s it – they can work from anywhere and still provide excellent customer service.

For many small businesses, the needs are pretty simple. Here’s all you really need to do.

  1. Sign up for Amazon Connect Contact Center
  2. Choose a URL that you will remember (you will distribute this to your agents)
  3. Set up your phone line (one) and set up inbound/outbound calls (telephony options)
  4. Choose the default settings for data storage, Review and then Create Instance
  5. Set up your business hours
  6. Create an administrator
  7. Allow one or more of your customer service reps to handle inbound and outbound calls. When callers call your main phone number, they will be put in a queue so that your CSRs can respond to the call if they are not on another call / away OR they can respond as soon as they become available.
  8. Set up your greeting and the first contact flow
  9. Add your staff. You can add your staff one by one or if you have a large number of staff, you can add them all by uploading a spreadsheet. It’s very simple.
  10. Port your main phone number to AWS and begin servicing customers

That’s it.