Gather KPIs before you get started with your centralized call center

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Before you get started on this initiative (or any digital transformation initiative), you want to document the business as it is today.

For my clients, there were no KPIs to gather because they were never being measured. 

If you can, try to gather at least the following metrics / business intelligence

  • Scheduling correct appointment
  • Average speed to answer
  • Duration of call
  • Call hold times
  • Total or % abandoned calls
  • Call volumes per week/month
  • Call volume trends by day of week (for this medical group, Monday-Wednesday had the highest call volumes)
  • Patient satisfaction (if you have a patient reviews or patient satisfaction survey initiative, it will be reflected there)
  • No show rates of appointments that were scheduled more than 2-3 weeks before appointment date

One word of caution.. PLEASE DO NOT OVERLOAD yourself or your team with KPIs.

Measure on a macro level and trust your staff to manage the rest.. rather than having to spend time creating extensive reports for you (and wasting more time than they should really have to).


Healthcare call center metrics – know what you are going to measure and prepare for it

I had already established the call center metrics that we were going to monitor moving forward.

A brief list of those metrics that were planned for are below.

Note that Amazon connect does give us a few of these metrics in its daily reports.

The only challenge with Amazon’s reports are that they are limited to 3K rows of data (and we had a lot more than 3000 calls per day).

Samples are below:

  • Inbound calls handled per agent
  • Inbound calls response time
  • Abandoned calls per day
  • Longest call hold times
  • Peak hour traffic (for us, this is early during the day Mon-Wednesdays)
  • No shows reappointed per agent
  • Patients reactivated per agent
  • Patient balances collected per agent
  • Average call handle time
  • Call source (“where did you hear about us”) per agent
  • Agent utilization per day
  • New patients acquired per agent 
  • After call work time per agent
  • % calls answered within the first 20 seconds.
  • Calls resolved on first contact
  • Appointment reminders made successfully per agent
  • New patients acquired per agent via community outreach
  • Number of new patients acquired per agent via patient referrals
  • How many new referrals received per agent via inbound calls
  • Total new referrals processed per agent via outbound calls