Extensions vs direct inward dial numbers

Guide on how to choose between phone extensions vs direct inward dial numbers when you start using Amazon Connect Contact Center

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When you use Amazon Connect, you need to be logged in using your web browser.

Or, you are going to have to forward your calls to a desk phone number.

This is costlier, because in this case Amazon Connect calls your desk phone. Therefore, you are paying for that call time as well.

This is not very useful if you have set up Amazon Connect Contact center software IVR to allow dial by extension to reach your agents, and the agents are not logged in to take the call.

Same concept with direct inward dial numbers – you need to be using the browser/softphone.

It’s not very useful when your agents are not logged in, to take the call.

However, both these cases do help satisfy customer expectations.

Let’s say a customer calls and wants to talk to someone in sales – this allows you to dial by “queue” and place the call in the “sale” queue.

Or if the customer wants to talk to someone they had talked to before (e.g. “Robert”) they can “dial by name”, find Robert, talk to them.

If the customer knows the extension of the party they are calling, they can “dial by extension” and reach the person they are dialing.

Meanwhile, if a customer calls the DID (direct inward dial) number of the person they want to talk to, that call can go directly to the agent / person they are calling / want to talk to in Amazon Connect Call center software itself. 

Keep in mind that Amazon Connect does NOT let you send SMS / text messages from the Amazon Connect number itself.

So, if that’s something you want, then you would have to use a solution like Amazon Chime.

If you use Amazon Chime, you get a mobile app, chat, video calls, can make calls, SMS from the same phone number, voicemail etc.

Anyone calling your number directly will reach you directly (will not go through the IVR).

However if someone tries to dial you by “extension” or by “name”, you can simply forward the call to your DID number. This means, you forward the call from Amazon Connect to your Amazon Chime number.