How to allow dial by employee extension or name in Amazon Connect

Simple steps to allow dial by employee extension in amazon connect. Plus, setting up transcribed voicemails using Amazon Connect.

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You are invariably going to need a company directory.

Keep in mind that your company set up is going to be:

  1. Some folks are going to make a LOT of outbound calls. These people will need disposable numbers to make outbound calls. These people will need either direct inward dial numbers or extensions set up to receive calls.
  2. Some folks are going to answer a lot of inbound calls. These people are going to need calls routed to them from the company inbound numbers – IVR. These folks are also going to have personal, direct calls that are meant to be directed to them. These people will need either direct inward dial numbers or extensions set up to receive calls.

So, all you have to do are:

  1. Create a DynamoDB table. This will store the mapping of employee extension, name, employee ID, fall-back queue (in case the agent the user is trying to reach is not logged in), employee’s cell phone number.
  2. You can also add another column to determine if this person has voicemail set up or not (to route the call to voicemail).
  3. Update the contact flow that handles all incoming calls and present the caller with an option to “dial by extension” or “Dial by name”.
  4. Here, store the extension number as an input from the caller. OR, if the caller chooses “dial by name”, store the name as an input from the caller.
  5. Create a Lambda function that accepts the input, extracts the value passed in the event data by Amazon Connect.
  6. After that, it does a lookup in DynamoDB to retrieve the employee ID and fallback queue, to which the call can be transferred if the employee is not logged in.
  7. If the caller is looking up by employee name, do keep in mind that the caller is inputting numbers in their keypad, so you are going to have to map the numbers back to letters/characters and have that same logic mapped to do the search/map back when you do the lookup in DynamoDB for the agent name. This is not as straightforward as it is in the case of agent extension.
  8. Use / attach this Lambda function in the contact flow attached to your IVR.

How to configure voicemails for employees in Amazon Connect

This is a very well documented solution that Amazon Connect architects have already created.

You can find it here.

With this solution, you can enable SMS and/or email delivery of voicemail messages.

Your employees can get voicemails via SMS messages with embedded playback links, email messages with attachments, or both.

The solution will also do voicemail transcription based on Amazon Transcribe.

Plus, if you allow it, you get a visual interface for administration of voicemail users and settings.

A typical 60-second voicemail costs $0.035, with no other fees or charges for using the solution.