Using flyers for physician referrals

Tips for referral coordinators and physician liaisons on getting physician referrals via flyers distributed to referring physician offices.

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Referral pads are a great way to get new physician referrals. However, it is up to the patient to follow through and make the appointment.

Sometimes you can just drop off a one sheeter / flyer about your practice, with your phone number at the referring provider office.

This way, the referring provider office is forced to call you and make a referral.

I have used this marketing tactic as well.

In this particular case, the referring doctor office staff calls the specialist / referred to doctor office to get an appointment for their patient.

If they connect with the staff at the referred to doc’s office, they try to set an appointment for the patient (rarely happens) ASAP. 

Typically, If they don’t connect, they leave a voicemail with the referred to doc’s office AND write down this referred to doc info for patient and ask them to call the doc’s office themselves.

In this case, the referring doctor knows that they referred the patient. The referred to doctor also knows that they were sent a referral.

The challenge I have faced is that this ends up being a phone tag unless you have a dedicated call center handling all inbound calls and taking down the referral at while on the call with the referring provider office.