SEO in healthcare marketing

Just having a website does NOTHING towards marketing your medical practice. Learn what you need to do before you consider SEO for your practice

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A quick primer on SEO

Most medical practices (even larger groups) are told that you need a website, a blog, multiple social media channels etc etc.

I am not contesting that you should, someday, have all those.

But, here’s the reality – any online presence that you have, you need to put in a lot of work for it to generate any return on investment (ROI) for you.

What does this translate to?

Let’s say that you don’t have a website and a medical marketing agency or even your in-house marketing hire tells you that you need a website… they’re only partially correct.

Just having a website does NOTHING towards marketing your medical practice. The day you purchase the domain name and create a website – it’s just that.

Only google knows about it.. because your team submitted the site map to google for indexing.

That’s about it.

You are just one tiny sapling in an Amazonian jungle.

Even your next door neighbor wouldn’t be able to find you on google unless they specifically type your business name and your business domain name on the browser.

Don’t get your hopes up nor skew your expectations just based on the fact that you now have a website.

You could have the most beautiful website or you could have the ugliest website.. it doesn’t matter to google unless it finds your website trustworthy enough to show your website pages in search results.

That’s the part most doctors don’t understand, nor do marketing agencies tell you.

So, would you not have a website?

That’s not what I’m recommending.

My point is that if you have a website of even one page, that’s better than not having one at all.

But, what’s more important is that you have something to say, a point to make, something to give to your patients… without that, you’ll only be found when someone searches for your doctor’s names, or searches for your practice by name…

That’s really just branded searches 🙂 you aren’t being discovered by someone that doesn’t know about you at all.

Ok, so this does sound like a lot of work.

Is there no way to even hope to win this game?

There certainly is.

And the best part is that the bar is set really low in healthcare.

You only have to do a tiny bit better than the next guy to win this game over them.