Personalizing your referral marketing faxes

Personalize your referral marketing faxes with EzHCRM or a combination of spreadsheets, Autocrat, fax broadcast software.

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If you are doing mail merges or personalizing your marketing faxes, follow these steps (if you are not using EzHCRM).

  1. You can use your fax broadcast provider to mail merge and send faxes on your behalf. OR
  2. You can create those mail merged faxes yourself (more control) and there after, send those faxes via Fax api calls.

If you are using your fax broadcast provider to get it done, then follow the steps that your provider tells you to follow.

If you are merging PDFs to fax yourself, then follow these steps below.

Install Autocrat for google sheets. Once you install it, the add-on will show up on your web browser.

If by chance you do not see the add on, then refresh your google sheet and then try again. It should show up.

Hopefully you have already stripped your marketing list of some “not so personal” names like P.A, PA, INC, L.L.C., LLC, M.D., MD , O.D, OD, etc. If not, go ahead and do that first as they don’t really look “good” for personalized faxes 🙂 

Make sure you use the google sheet or spreadsheet built in function to remove duplicates as well – there’s no point sending 2 faxes (each fax costs money, as you already know). Google sheet has a very easy way to “remove duplicates”.

Prepare your template file with some variable names – these will be the ones that you will use to personalize your faxes.

These are the variables that will be replaced by Autocrat from the spreadsheet that you have the variables in.

Next, launch Autocrat and create a job.

Next, go through the steps and make sure that you merge the columns appropriately. Specify the folder where you want Autocrat to place the mail merged files (pdf or google doc). Make sure you see a “PREVIEW” with the first mergeable row (Autocrat has this function built in).

If you have done correctly, you will see a preview based on the variables mentioned above.

Now, fire away. Run the job for all your mail merge data. This will take a while based on the number of rows your spreadsheet has.

All the PDFs will be created in the folder you specified in your Autocrat job. These PDFs are now ready for you to fax them.

Download them and send the fax broadcast.