Paid advertising in healthcare

There are some levers for paid advertising in healthcare. These can make or break your budget and campaign success. Make sure you understand well.

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There are small levers in PPC that can make or break your budget and campaign success.

Make sure you hire folks that understand those levers.

As an example, if you’re located in Jackson heights / queens, you know that there’s no point showing ads to folks in Brooklyn or Bronx.

Patients are not going to travel that far.

That means, your PPC campaign has to be leveraging geotargeting / geofencing to avoid wasting money on ads shown to the wrong people.

Make sure that whoever you hire, knows small things like these.

Another example is where you can use retargeting ads (RLSA) on people that have already visited your web page or website.

Many digital marketers forget that.

Retargeting ads are dirt cheap compared to ads for broader search terms and gives you a very easy way to brand yourself plus stay on top of your patient’s mind.

Keep one thing in mind – the biggest challenge you’re facing is that your prospective patient doesn’t even know that you exist.

If they did, they’d book you directly.

Also, understand that your patient isn’t googling your services for fun everyday.

By the time they have started to google, they’re ready to book you (or your competitors).

When your patient is on google, your competitors stand a chance to win your business (you have the same benefit as well).

Your goal is for the patient to think of your medical practice’s name when they need your services.. and not go to google.

In other words, you need to be “known” to the patient long before they actually need your medical services.

Keep this in mind (aka branding) to decide your budget on getting your name out there as well.

So, divide your paid ads budget into

  • Branding
  • Competing for patients ready to book now
  • Retargeting

At a minimum, these should be the ones you consider from the get go.

Facebook paid ads

Think of Facebook paid ads a bit differently from the way you’d think of google paid ads.

On Facebook, patients are not actively searching for doctors or your medical practice per se.

Facebook is unique in the sense that it does give you much deeper insights into their users’ likes, dislikes, interests etc.

You can very well use this information available to you via Facebook ads and target these users for your goals.

Targeting Facebook users for branding works well.

What you’re really trying to do is to get your name out there and get people to click through and come to your website.

Once someone has visited your website, you can pretty much follow them around the Internet and retargeting ads work extremely well for these purposes.

You could also allow people to book appointments using your Facebook page “book now” button as well.

However, always keep in mind that patients are not really actively searching for your medical services on Facebook.

One thing that works very well on Facebook is to get reviews from existing patients.

Facebook allows you to upload your customer list (you can provide as little information as needed, to avoid violating PHI related concerns) and create a custom audience out of your customer list.

Once you have this custom list, you can boost (pay) your ads to get reviews from your existing patients.

Keep in mind that google shows Facebook reviews when they show your practice search results on the right hand side of google search results.

So, as a recap, if you want quick results, start paying for Google and Facebook ads to get immediate results with calls from patients.