No one cares what your website looks like

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What most people don’t understand is that making a web site pretty does NOTHING for them, unless they truly have content worth consuming, sharing etc.

Everything begins and ends with content, knowledge, sharing knowledge..

But.. how does one explain that to someone that would rather concentrate on getting every pixel correct vs bringing actual value to the world?

If it was me, I would concentrate on producing valuable content that teaches, educates and actually helps people.. rather than the look and feel of things.

Eg this website itself..

That was about 1 hr of work? I got a domain name, applied a theme to it, done.

After that I started producing content from my experience using the WordPress mobile app.

Even better example –
The world’s god of google analytics

Does it seem like he cares what his website looks like? Nope.. but he has millions of followers that are hooked to every golden nugget he shares.

You don’t even have to do that.. you can even write on or or or wherever.

No one cares what your website looks like.. what they care about is whether there’s valuable information there or not.