Medical marketing data from payer provider directories

Use payers provider directories to get one of the most accurate medical marketing data – If you cannot purchase this data (not cheap)

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By law, payers are supposed to keep accurate provider directories (it is not updated in real time but it’s as close to real time updates as you can hope for).

Simply create a spreadsheet with all the payers you accept.

Then, google payer name + provider directory to find the results

If you cannot purchase the data from the companies mentioned before (like Definitive healthcare), you can hire freelancers from upwork and get them to create a spreadsheet with all the provider and practice info.

At a minimum, you are going to need the following information to help your physician liaisons or healthcare marketing folks

  • Practice Name
  • Provider names — all providers that practice there
  • Provider credentials for each provider
  • Address
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Specialties – e.g.  Pediatrics; Emergency Medicine

Now, at least, you have started empowering your physician liaisons with data to be effective.