Implement your patient acquisition ideas

Implement your patient acquisition ideas with paid ads, SEO. Support your efforts with patient reviews. Understand how these work together.

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How do you take your high level marketing plan and create actionable steps out of it?

You will have your own set of goals, plans and accompanying steps to take.

Let’s walk through the example shared before.

Follow this example as a framework to set up your own marketing goals, plans, actionable steps yourself (as a team).

Here’s what we had before

  • Show up on google search results via paid ads or SEO
  • Show up as more trustworthy to patients by getting patient reviews
  • Leveraging various technologies / software to enable near instant bookings from patients.

How can your practice show up on google search results?

You have two options to show up when people search for doctors.

  • Paid ads on google / PPC (pay per click)
  • Search engine optimization/SEO

A quick primer on PPC

PPC is expensive, is getting more expensive and competitive by the day.

However, done properly, they give you instant results.

The day you stop spending on PPC ads, your results stop.

This doesn’t mean that you just put up an ad on google and you’ll start showing up on the first 3-4 ad results.

You have to work hard to show up on the top paid ad results.

If your ad doesn’t get clicked on, google will slowly stop showing your ads.

SEO does not give you instant results but it does give you long lasting results.

It takes dedication and daily/weekly work to show up for google search results (especially on the first page).

However, as you keep working on it, the results are longer lasting.

This does not mean that once you show up / rank higher on google search results, you’re forever going to be there.

You still have to keep working on SEO to stay on the first page of search results.

Either way, it’s a lot of work and you need to put in the work needed.

This is where most medical practices fail.

They don’t realize that they need to work really hard towards achieving their goals, continue working on it even after they’re beginning to see results.

They give up too easily.

No one said marketing is easy or a one time effort.

Paid ads / PPC on google

DO keep in mind that in many markets you’re going to be competing with ZocDoc’s ads.

They spend quite a bit on paid ads, so make sure you understand that.

However, they won’t show just your medical practice’s name when they show their ads.

They place ads to show up for term searches – eg “eye doctor Bronx” or “eye doctors near me”.

Their ad will show up and if a patient clicks on their ad, they will be shown ALL eye doctors – not just you.

If you do want to attempt to have your own PPC ads, make sure you understand PPC well.

You can easily spend a lot of money on PPC ads.

Make sure you work with people that know how to utilize your ad budget properly.

Either hire your own ppc expert in house or hire an agency or freelancer that has rock solid experience in running medical campaigns.