How to send faxes for medical referrals

Create a marketing one pager, prepare your spreadsheet/CRM with fax numbers, get a cloud fax number. Get started.

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Faxes to doctors and medical practices do work well – when done correctly.

You could be marketing your medical devices, pharma, your healthcare services, software or even trying to market your practice to potential referral sources.

If you are using our HIPAA compliant healthcare CRM, these are available quite easily (pre-built). If you are not using EzHCRM, here are the steps you can follow to do the same manually.

Overall steps:

  1. Get an account with decently priced broadcast fax providers like openfax, clicksend etc. Try to keep your bulk fax pricing near 3c / page.
  2. Prepare a few versions of “one sheeter” for whatever marketing material you want to fax.
  3. Prepare your list of provider offices you are marketing to. Ensure that your fax numbers are correct format (e.g. +11231231234) because some vendors need the country code as well.
  4. Make sure that you have a google sheet or spreadsheet that will help you keep track of the bounced fax numbers.
  5. Make sure you have a google sheet or spreadsheet to keep track of the “opt out” fax numbers.
  6. Have a spreadsheet or google sheet to keep track of which faxes you have sent on which data to which providers, with which version of the one-sheeter marketing template. Finally, you might want to add a column to capture the leads generated per set of marketing faxes sent (to measure the ROI).
  7. Make sure that you have a phone number set up that doesn’t make the callers jump through hoops to get to you (or your team).

Medical Marketing One sheeter

If you are in marketing, you already know about A/B testing.

You are aware that you should be testing out your marketing copy before you automate or scale anything.

This is why we advocate creating multiple versions of your one sheeter (PDF or word document). 

If you don’t live in the world of faxes, you should know or be aware that faxes don’t’ look as pretty as your word document or PDF.

By the time someone receives the fax, it does look quite “ugly”.

Don’t try to cram too much information into one fax.

Do not use small fonts – aim for font sizes of at least 14 and higher.

Avoid the use of fancy fonts – God only knows what that will look like when it arrives at your prospect’s fax machine.

Don’t use fancy images – they come out looking pretty bad at a fax machine (and do use up quite a bit of ink).

Whatever you do – do NOT forget to include an “opt out” fax number, phone number or email address. You need to be in compliance with TCPA. There are “Disclosure & Opt-Out Requirements” that you need to adhere to.

If you are going to be sending personalized or mail merged faxes, then make sure that you are preparing your one sheeter with the appropriate variables that you want to “mail merge”.

Below are some fax one sheeter examples – feel free to edit and use them.

There are several one-sheeter templates in EzHCRM for you to edit and use for your convenience as well.

If you have been in marketing for any length of time, you are well aware of the list cleaning tasks 🙂

It’s a necessary evil that we all need to get done each day.

Each time you send a batch of faxes, you are bound to get some bounced faxes / faxes that didn’t go through.

Keep track of each of the fax sent statuses because not all “undelivered” faxes are wrong numbers.

Sometimes, faxes bounce because of “no answer” or “wrong number” or “blocks” or “busy” signals etc.

For many such undelivered faxes, you can retry sending the faxes at a later date/time.

Each fax broadcast vendor will also give you a list of fax numbers that failed during delivery.

You might also want to add numbers to your global “blocked list” to avoid re-sending marketing faxes to folks that have “opted out”.

Before you hit send on your faxes, you are going to need to rid the sheet or spreadsheet from duplicate data as several locations of a practice might end up having a centralized fax number/fax server.

Now you are ready to send marketing fax broadcasts.

Sending the marketing faxes to doctors or practices

This part is entirely up to you – whether you want to send the fax as a mail merge (to personalize it) or whether you want to send the faxes in a generic blast fax batch.

Each has its pros and cons – and is not mutually exclusive.

Make sure that you update your marketing / fax tracker spreadsheet with the list you sent faxes  to, which version of the fax template you sent, date you send the faxes.

Here’s an example fax log spreadsheet that you can use

If any of your prospects showed any interest, make sure you update this spreadsheet with leads and the source campaign being “faxes”. 

Each time a fax broadcast finishes, you will get a report on how many succeeded, how many failed and typically, the fax vendor will send you a broadcast report.

That’s it – go get ’em tiger!