How to get more patients

2 main ways to get more patients via marketing. Business to business – physician referrals, joint marketing with payers, direct contracting with employers. OR, marketing directly to patients.

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Take a moment to think this through. You get patients from

  • B2B (business to business) marketing – aka marketing to other physicians and businesses (whether you are scoping out physician referrals or marketing with payers or doing direct deals with employers etc). I go deeper into it my “medical marketing guides to help you get physician referrals”.
  • B2C (business to consumer) marketing – aka marketing to prospective patients directly (whether you are doing digital marketing, print and media advertising, workshops, community outreach events etc). I go deeper into it my “direct to patient marketing” guides.

Medical marketing to businesses

Healthcare, in many ways, is like a retail business.

Unless you have ventured into telemedicine or started using telehealth as a potential patient acquisition strategy, your patients are local to you most of the time.

So, what kind of businesses can you market to?

  • Other physician practices (faxes, flyers, referral pads, referral software etc)
  • Businesses around your medical practice location(s)
  • Senior living centers
  • Home healthcare agencies
  • Many more…

Medical marketing to “people”

Regardless of whether you are marketing to other businesses or not, you need to establish a direct marketing channel to draw patients to your practice.

You could be doing very well based on other physician referrals, but please do not ignore this direct-to-patients marketing channel.

Physician referrals can stop ANY day.

There are several ways you can market directly to patients