How to get more patients from recalls

You just reach out to patients that you have not seen in more than X number of months (you decide whatever that number is).

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This is one of the easiest ones to do. For the full list of campaign ideas, click here.

You just reach out to patients that you have not seen in more than X (you decide whatever that number is) number of months.

BTW, this is also a great way to start preparing for value based care where many practices will be, in one way or another, capitated.

Let’s say you want to run a “not seen in 6” campaign. Do the following in your EMR data.

  1. Pull a CSV report of all patients where the Last encounter date is > 6 months before today
  2. Note the rows of data where the last appointment date is either the same as the last encounter date or is, still, > 6 months before today (e.g last encounter was 7 months ago and last appt date where this patient was a no-show was 6 months ago). 
  3. If you are also running a no-shows campaign, be careful as you do not want to take the patients whose last appointment date is within the last 6 months
  4. Run a formula in spreadsheets (microsoft or google) and filter out the patients that have a “Next appointment date” in the future. These patients will be part of another campaign – appointment reminders.
  5. Follow the process you have defined above and hand data over to your agents
  6. Report on your data daily to measure efficiencies, efficacy of the campaign
  7. Keep in mind that you will have to run this kind of an export / report every week (or every day) and add more patients that have fallen out of care. You can very easily schedule a report every day to get fresh data from your EMR.