How to get more patient reviews

Want to get more patient reviews? Learn step by step how we got from 22 to 650+ reviews in 8 months.

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patient satisfaction surveys - sample questions

Medical marketing becomes a LOT easier if your patients are leaving great reviews and your practice reputation is awesome. Here’s how I had increased patient reviews from 22 to 650+ in 8 months.

  1. Ensure your medical practice is “found” on Google Local Search?

    This is the most important step and also the very first step. Unless you are being found every time someone searches for your specialty (e.g. “eye doctor near me”), you are not really in the game yet. Learn how to do this first.

  2. Understand your practice reputation

    You need to have a baseline of where your medical reputation currently is – however good or bad. The best way to do so is to google your providers and then google your practice as well. Learn how.

  3. Claim your profile on patient reviews websites

    Whether you listed your practice on those online websites or not, you will notice that someone or the other might have listed you on those websites (patients). The first step is to “claim” those listings. After verifying your practice details, you are allowed to own your own listing on these websites.

  4. Make a decision on Social Media Marketing – yes or no?

    Do you have the time to manage and maintain these social media accounts? If not, do NOT start yet another channel that’s going to be just a listing/name and have no dedicated efforts put into it.

  5. Decide where you are going to focus on getting reviews from patients

    I prefer Google ONLY. They own search, they have all the eyeballs I need. Concentrate on getting your reviews on Google. There are other options as well (FYI).

  6. Get practice reviews rather than your provider reviews

    Doctors can (and will) come and go. If you ask patients for reviews of your doctors, the reviews will also walk out the door when the doctor leaves your practice. I suggest that you get reviews for your medical practice (whether your doctors like it or not)

  7. Train everyone in your practice

    Conduct a small training session for providers and staff on how to ask for online reviews from patients. Make it simple but ensure it is done EVERY DAY.

  8. Stop review gating

    The penalties are also steep – so, be careful if you are planning on practicing review gating (I strongly discourage it). Instead, get so many reviews that the few negative reviews are diluted / drowned out.

  9. Conduct patient satisfaction surveys first

    Create a first step that’s more like a survey wherein you ask a patient for a star rating (e.g. 1-5 stars). With that, have a little area where the patient can leave comments. This allows you to collect the true response of the patient and an explanation of their review

  10. Create and review request templates

    In general, you want to communicate with patients in the language(s) that they prefer. But don’t make assumptions. I see this all the time and one of our practices has also made this mistake multiple times. Create and have a set of reviews templates ready to go (you can use ezhcrm or ANY other reviews software for this).