How to add new referring physician partners per month

Adding at least 1 referring physician partner per month is quite easy to do. Follow these simple, regimented steps each day.

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Take simple, yet regimented steps each month to start the flow of referrals from your referral partners.

  • Create a list of physicians near your practice location(s) to market to.
  • Create a simple CRM with this database you gather.
  • Create a one-sheeter / flyer that introduces the value your practice brings to common patients.
  • Send one-sheeter faxes/letters to these physicians on a bi-weekly basis introducing your practice to them.
  • Call these practices and introduce yourselves to them on a regular basis. I prefer that you send the faxes and call them on the same day. This allows 2 touch points a month.
  • After 6-7 touch points, you are bound to get a meeting. Keep at it.
  • Hire or deploy your existing physician liaisons to visit these potential referring physician partners.
  • Work with your scheduling team / front desk to ensure that patients referred by these referring partners get appointments quickly (preferably within 1 week).
  • Always keep the referring physician office in the loop about the patient appointment (appointed, no-show, cancelled, seen etc).
  • Follow up with the referring physician office with visit notes to close the loop and to ensure their patients are happy PLUS the referring physician is happy.