Free Tools For Patient Satisfaction Surveys

There are several free options available to create patient satisfaction surveys (including Ezhcrm). Pick one and get started.

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SoGo Software

SogoSurvey is a web-based application that makes it easy to create, distribute, analyze beautiful multilingual surveys, forms, and assessment within no time.

It allows you to start from scratch, or choose a template from a survey bank.

It also allows you to customize your survey appearance as per your branding.

It allows you to create and store contact lists and then choose right distribution methods such as unique invitations, links from the website or social media, plus helps track participation instantly and send reminders to those who haven’t replied.

Its powerful reporting capability allows you to run and customize reports as per your need.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey allows you to design different types of surveys such as Customer Satisfaction surveys, Employee satisfaction survey, health care surveys, nonprofit surveys.

It also allows to create custom themes, add logos, select fonts and build custom thank you pages

QuickTab Survey

QuickTab Survey allows you to create, test, and publish your survey. Also allows you to collect and view responses.

Typeform Survey

It is an online survey creator that is fast, free and fully customizable. It helps you conduct research, boost your brand and know your audience.

It’s a powerful free survey tool that helps you create online health surveys.

You can choose from 100+ templates and 70+ designs.

Helps you create surveys that are easily adapted to any mobile device, allows you to view your result in real time.

It provides automatically generated, easily understandable PDF reports in just one click.

It also allows results to be downloaded as raw data in XLS, CSV, XML and HTML file formats.

More options like

  • JotForm Survey
  • SnapSurvey

Some of these are free and some require you to purchase plans. Of course, you always have the option to use our survey tool as well.

As you can tell, all this leads up to really managing patient relationships well, in healthcare. The days of “doctor say, patient do” are gone. Over. Finished.

Healthcare consumerism is in. You need to be prepared and armed.