Few steps you can take today to get patient reviews

Even if you do not use a patient reviews software, you can still do amazingly well if you just follow these simple steps.

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This is a lot easier if you simply use software.

Most patient reviews software charge you by the number of doctors you have or the number of locations you have.

If you don’t want to spend money on patient reviews software, you can very easily get this done entirely with zero software.

Easy steps to get started

At the end of each patient visit (yes, I said EACH patient visit), ask them if they are happy and ask them to leave a review for you.

It’s as simple as asking

If you get some time today, would you please leave us a review on Google or facebook? We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

SIMPLE. That’s it – and it takes 30 seconds.

Granted, most patients will forget it as soon as they leave your practice, but at least you will get SOME reviews.

That’s more than what you currently have ! And it is worth it.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking for patient reviews, you can easily hand the patient a “Thank you for visiting” card which also has your practice’s google or facebook details.

On the back of this card, you can ask “Please leave us a review. We would greatly appreciate your feedback”.

If you do not want to spend money on postcards

Yes, the costs do add up.

You can email patients each day.

You could have your staff set aside 30 mins at the end of the day to send emails to all the patients seen that day with something as simple as

How did we do today? Please leave us your feedback on Google or Facebook . We would appreciate your feedback”.

This does require your front desk to collect patient emails diligently.

If your front desk staff is not good at collecting patient emails, you could very easily send patients SMS asking for reviews.

A simple SMS like

Hi Sally, Could you please give us your feedback on Google or Facebook ? We really appreciate it!”

Trust me – you will start seeing results and you will eventually want to automate collecting patient reviews by leveraging technology.

Here’s a more comprehensive guide to getting more reviews.

Now that your patient is finding you online, do not lose their attention.

This is your moment to shine.

Make it SUPER easy for patients to book an appointment with your providers.

Please, please do not make patients jump through hoops to get an appointment.